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Konkani Academy 

Though the Konkani speaking brothers were studying at St Peter's seminary, the Academy was not formed officially. Therefore there is no proper history about when it came into existence. But there is one proof that somewhere in between  2006-09 it had been started officialy.
    We thank Rev Fr Bonaventure for guiding us these many years as the Director. At present, Rev. Fr Sunil D'Souza, has been appointed as a new Director and Br Joyal Vegas has been appointed as the secretory of the Academy. Presntly, the Konkani Academy consists of 13 brothers belonging to the Dioceses of Udupi, Karwar, Bhagalpur Chikmagalur, Belgaum and Gulbarga. This year we have 2 new comers. The first gathering of the academy took place on 30th June 2022 where the new comers and new director were welcomed and the new secretory had been chosen. The most important programme for the academy is the celebration of Monthi Fest. Even though there was no official academy earlier brothers were celebrating this feast grandly. The Konkan Coastal Cultural Feast is celebrated on 8th of September. We the brothers of of the Konkani Academy, celebrated this feast in the seminary on 7th of september in a grand manner. Maria Bambina (Infant Mary) was honoured by offering of flowers and novena followed by the solemn celebration of the Eucharist. The purpose of the Konkani Academy is to help its members to nurture and grow in their talents, skills and personality. To help and accompany one another on the priestly formation and to keep alive the culture of Konkani.

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