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       St. Peter’s pontifical seminary is nation wide known for its multicultural, multilinguistic community. Every culture and language are given treated with its own beauty of its nature. Though the common community-language is English. Each there are academies to have the vernacular sings, sermons and other activities practical.

        This imitative of beginning the academy is to help the brothers be trained and equipped their own diocese. This is also an occasion for brothers to talk in their vernacular language. Academies enjoy to celebrating their cultural festivals once in the year i.e. (on am festival celebrated by Malayalam academy, Nativity of our lady celebrated by Konkani academy, Deepavali festival celebrated by Hindi academy, Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrated by kannada academy, Pongal festival celebrated by Tamil academy) and vernacular festival mass is also celebrated. By their practice of academies there is a unity among brothers getting to know about each other’s culture. Academy has an amazing art of unity, understanding, hospitality and brotherly love.

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